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Trump, Putin’s Favorite Patsy

How long do you think Vladimir Putin had been mulling the notion of rigging a US election? I’d be willing to bet for a very long time. Initially, he might have thought about it purely as an intellectual exercise, or maybe it was his wanking fantasy. But he never acted on it because, well, to what end? The risk was high and what did he stand to gain? Without an actor in the lead role who was indebted to him and would do his bidding, what was the point?

Having served as head of the KBG, Putin has, of course, tons of experience rigging elections and manipulating the masses using propaganda. Undoubtedly he had high confidence in his ability to get whomever he wanted elected president of the United States. But just because had the technical ability to do so, doesn’t mean he could find a suitable American to play the starring role. That was the real challenge. (More on this below.)

Let’s take a quick step back to Obama’s sanctions (The Magnitsky Act) over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. They were/are really cutting in to Putin’s bottom line. He can’t get his oil or other goods to market, and he’s losing a lot of money. A poor Putin is a weak Putin. And Putin will NOT be weak! To get where he is, he has to have some yuuuuuge cojones.

So, given these circumstances, maybe now Putin is thinking a little harder on this scheme. What if he can put someone in the Oval Office who will lift the sanctions? But who? It would be nearly impossible to cultivate an existing American politician (except perhaps Jill Stein but she didn’t have a chance in hell of winning) so it would have to be a non-politician with political aspirations. This person would have to be an eligible American with existing national visibility. They’d have to be fairly well-connected but also greedy and stupid enough to take the bait. It was a very specific set of characteristics this person would need to possess, and such people are few and far between.

So when Donnie appeared on his radar, Putie must have heard a chorus of angels singing.

Trump was the PERFECT patsy for Putin’s plan. This con wouldn’t have worked on or with anyone else. Only Trump had the ambition and name recognition to run for the highest office in the land, (he’d been threatening to run for years), he had the potential to gather a large and loyal following, while at the same time having absolutely no compunctions about selling out his country for personal gain.

Trump was the dream dupe! Easily flattered. Greedy. Corrupt. A complete narcissist. Absolutely no morals. Certainly no loyalty to his country. In fact, no loyalty to anything or anyone except himself. Putin must have been creaming in his jeans when he understood how easy it would be to manipulate this orange buffoon right into his trap.

The most beautiful, creative cons are those run on con men. Con men all think they are too smart to be played. That’s what makes them the perfect marks. And who is smarter than Trump, according to Trump? Nobody! It would be psychologically impossible for Trump to believe he was being played by a master, because in his mind, there is nobody more clever than himself. Ergo, easy to fool.

So Vlad slowly cultivates Donnie. As a spy, he knows how to patiently develop an asset. He has time. 2016 election is his goal.

He starts by softening up Trump by involving him in various real estate deals with oligarchs within his sphere of influence. (see Trump Tower in Baku). He gets rich Russians to buy Trump properties at inflated prices. Russians lend him money and make him indebted. (i.e. hold his marker.) They may well launder money through him. (I’m sure this will come out in Mueller’s investigation.) This gets him used to doing business with Russians; he becomes accustomed to them being a major source of his income, with promises of more to come. It also provides kompromat for Putin. (At the time and perhaps still, Trump probably had no idea that Putin was behind all these deals. He undoubtedly believes all his success with the Russians is due to his own superior deal making abilities.)

Then, in 2013, Putin ups the game. Through his intermediaries, he offers Trump an insanely lucrative real estate deal for no money down and a big upfront payment (Trump Tower Moscow, the story of which is a book unto itself. For more on that, read Seth Abramson’s Twitter thread of last week, link below in comments.) Vlad dangles this carrot over 45’s head for years, never actually giving him money, but just taunting him with it. It’s so close, Trump can shmek di gelt. (smell the money). They’re even going to name the spa in the hotel after Ivanka! (Oooh! Naked women being massaged in a spa named after his favorite daughter! Wonder if THAT gave him a woody?)

Oh, how Vlad and his cronies must have been laughing at Trump behind his back! So easily manipulated! What a perfect foil for their clever plan.

If I were watching a movie of this, at this point, I’d be rootin’ for Putin. Vlad is playing 3-dimensional chess while Trump is still trying to figure out where to fit the second piece in a 4-piece puzzle.

I’ll bet Putin (directly or indirectly) even commiserated with Trump about Obama. (No secret that Trump hates BHO. The whole birther thing was already years old at this point. And Putin obviously hates Obama, himself, due to the sanctions.) Vlad works some psy-ops on him. Maybe it was even Putin’s idea to get the hookers to pee on the bed the Obamas had slept in. How else would Trump have known which room it was? (The more I think about it, the more I sense Putin’s fingerprints on this — not merely the filming of it, but orchestrating the whole thing; putting the very idea into Trump’s head. What great kompromat!)

Unbeknownst to Trump, through various means and contacts, Putin utzes him to run for president. The goal is for Donnie to believe it’s his own brilliant idea. Perhaps guys like Felix Sater and Boris Epshtyn also thought it was a good idea, and were happy to do some freelance utzing. Or maybe they were/are paid agents of Putin’s. Either way, “Oh, Donald, you’d be a great president! The country needs a man like you!”

So, in 2015, Trump declares his bid for POTUS. From everything I’ve read, he didn’t even really want to be president. He was just trying to get some leverage to renegotiate a better contract for The Apprentice and to increase the value of his “brand.” Remember, Trump rarely uses his own money on real estate deals. He essentially sells the rights to his name for a percentage of the profits, and gets a hefty management fee. The more his name is worth, the bigger the licensing fee he gets.

All the while, Vlad is watching slyly from the sidelines, rubbing his hands with ghee (In my fantasy, he’s just eaten paratha.) He waits until Trump has vanquished all his opponents in the primaries – Little Marco, Low Energy JEB!, Grandpa Munster, The Brainless Surgeon – not exactly a sterling field of competitors — before he makes his move (or perhaps his bots and emissaries were already working at this point on the down low, to help Trump win.)

Once Donnie has secured the nomination, Putin makes him an offer he can’t refuse, again through intermediaries. Remember, through an agent of Putin (Aras Agalarov), he’s signed Letter of Intent on the Trump Tower Moscow deal so in Trump’s mind, they are already business associates and equals, which makes him amenable to listening to the offer. And he trusts Putin not because Putin is trustworthy, but because Putin is the gateway to Trump making a lot of money. That’s the only kind of “friendship” Trump understands.

The deal offered is this: Putin will help Trump win IF (and here’s the quid pro quo Mueller needs to have the smoking gun on) he agrees to lift sanctions on Russia once he is in office. To sweeten the pot (because Trump really didn’t want to be president…he only cares about money), Putin (through Carter Page) offers Trump .5% of the commission on the sale of 19.5% of Rosneft (Russian state oil) in exchange for lifting sanctions on Russia once he’s POTUS. This commish is worth, oh, I don’t know…half a billion dollars? A billion? Let’s just call it a lot of fucking money.

When Vladimir Putin offers you a billion dollars (thereabouts), and promises you a win, you put aside any apprehensions you might have about actually being president, and agree to give it a shot. I don’t think Trump believed Putin could do it. I’m not even sure PUTIN believed he could pull it off but he was willing to give it the old Spy College try.

Meanwhile, even though it started as kind of a game, Donnie is digging the adoration from the deplorables who are eating up his brand of hate. He quickly becomes addicted to their cheers and applause. For a narcissist such as himself, it must have been like heroin spiked right into the carotid artery.

The plan is, once sanctions are lifted, Putin can, in partnership with ExxonMobil (who is the only company who has the necessary technology/equipment; and no coincidence that Rex Tillerson is SoS), extract the oil from the gigantic reserves in Siberia. These reserves are worth TRILLIONS of dollars — IF he can get it out of the ground and to market.

And if that Rosneft commission is paid in SHARES and the sanctions are lifted? Quatrinkle the amount Donnie might get.

Remember that this is not RUSSIAN money even though it’s Russian oil. No. All that money essentially belongs to Putin himself. He controls the banks; he controls every single manufacturing business in Russia. Not a single major transaction happens in that country without him getting a hefty chunk of it. If he could get that oil out of Siberia, he would be more than the richest man on earth, he would be the most powerful man on the planet. Maybe ever. He could buy anyone and anything. He could restore Mother Russia to its rightful place among world powers. He could literally control the world.

He has to know this game he is playing is very dangerous. If it backfires i.e. if Hillary gets elected and this all comes to light, things might actually get worse for him. Hillary is a formidable opponent. She could make his life really uncomfortable. (As SoS, she already did.) But he really needs those sanctions lifted, any way, any how, for a variety of political reasons. The price of oil has been steadily falling and what Russia already pumps is not supporting Putin’s power and influence. Without that steady stream of billions, Putin is vulnerable. He’s getting desperate. He’s willing to take the risk.

All he has to do is get Clownface von Fuckstick elected (Pffft! Child’s play!), and pay him off in exchange for lifting sanctions. Et voila! Putin can start pumping oil and take over the world.

And when you understand the master plan and how much money and power is at stake, everything else makes sense.

The question now is, what happens when Trump is no longer useful to Putin? Or worse, when he becomes a liability?

At the moment, even without the lifted sanctions, Putin must be pretty happy having undermined a US presidential election, thrown our political process into disarray, and caused huge, deep rifts in our society. OK, it’s not the outcome he was hoping for but maybe that was a long shot anyway. But to fuck over Hillary AND set our country back a century culturally, politically, scientifically, must feel like a nice kind of win anyhow.

And the game ain’t over til the fat lady sings. I doubt he’s given up on getting those sanctions lifted. He just has to figure out another way to do it. Perhaps he’ll have to buy Congress.


Link to Seth Abramson’s Twitter thread


Wee Wee Wee… All the Way Home



Keith Schiller, Trump’s long-time bodyguard,  claimed in his testimony  this week that Putin offered Donald five hookers but,  hahahaha,  they laughed about it and sent them away.  No pee tape.  No hookers.  Trumpty Dumpty went right to bed,  all alone, like a good widdle boy.

I am here to tell you, there is no way in hell those sissy tapes are not real, and here’s how I know:

First,  the tapes were allegedly made the night after the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow.    This was the same night Trump Tower Moscow had been approved, the papers signed, and the money put in escrow.  This was a project he’d been trying to set up for about a decade  Donnie was ridin’ high, from a combination of egotistical elation and whatever amphetamines he takes for his ADHD (which, by the by, don’t seem to be working anymore.)

Second,  Putin certainly wanted kompromat on Trump.  He already had him ensnared in a financial web of lent money and dubious business deals via his oligarch poker buddies, but come on, this is Putin we’re talking about!  The guy practically INVENTED kompromat!  Does any one think he’s not going to try to get some good dirt on this clownish Oompahloompah? Just because he can?  Because in the world of spycraft and international intrigue, it’s always good to have an ace in the hole.

Third,  we have seen, by his every act since he’s been elected, by every EO he has signed as president,  by his tweets,  by the way he continues to lay blame,  that Trump’s main goal is to metaphorically piss on Obama’s legacy.  How much of a leap it is to imagine him asking hookers piss on the bed that Barry and Michelle once slept in?    This incident is the proto pissing on Obama.   At that time (2013) it was the only type of pissing on Obama available, as BHO was  president and Trump was just a classless reality show host.

Fourth, Christopher Steele started gathering this information in 2015 through 2016.  Before working on the dossier,  it is unlikely he knew anything more about Trump than that he was an American reality TV buffoon.  I imagine he thought of him much the way most of us think about the Kardashians.    Steele didn’t have the public insight into his pathological personality that we have now.  Back then, Trump’s public persona was that which he cultivated himself and/or paid PR people to cultivate.   Sure, he was into the Birther thing,  but who among us back then knew the unimaginable breadth of his hatred for Obama,  or the depths of Trump’s depravity?  We’ve only gotten a glimpse into Trump’s sick soul in the past year or so.

Fifth,  thus,  I find it impossible to imagine that Steele or any of his informants could have made up such a bizarre fetish out of whole cloth at that time.    This was long before most people were aware of Trump’s emotional pathology.  No, this is far too specific not to be real.   (Sure,  looking back,  such a scenario seems almost poetically obvious,  but back then?  Not at all.)   And if someone were going to fabricate such a story and set it on that particular night,  they would have to have known the significance of that evening for Trump.  So,  are we to assume this informant knew Trump’s state of mind that night but made up the story of the pee tapes?  Why?

Sixth,  how would an informant know about the incident UNLESS it had been recorded?  If Trump had just taken hookers to his room and played out this scenario on a whim,  who would be the wiser?  No,  there had to be kompromat otherwise how would the informant even be aware that it happened?  The tapes/kompromat must have been discussed, and probably viewed,  by Putin’s inner circle. In fact, they must have laughed their asses off about it.

Seventh,  how would Trump know the exact hotel room where the Obamas had slept? Did he call his travel agent before he left New York, asking for that hotel, that room?  To do that, he would have to tip his hand about his intentions for the mattress OR leave the impression that he was obsessed with Obama and, pathetically, wanted to sleep in his bed.   This does not seem like a thing a person plans out in advance, especially not a guy like Trump who can barely plan to the end of a sentence.  No,  this has Putin’s hand all over it.

Think about conditions surrounding this particular night:

Trump is intoxicated with success and power and visions of rubles flowing into his offshore accounts by the truckload.  He’d probably been sexually harassing and inappropriately groping the world’s most beautiful women for days.  He’s fully expecting to be doing business with Putin for a long time,  hence the “thank you” to Vlad by arranging to have his mistress crowned Miss Universe.  (Yup.  Look it up.)

Putie and Donnie bonded over their hatred for Obama (Putin for political and financial reasons, i. e.,  the sanctions;  Trump because, well,  he can’t stand that a goddamn n****r  is far superior to him in every measurable way.  Also, remember that BHO had humiliated Trump at the annual Correspondent’s Dinner, and we know how Trump holds a grudge.)   So the timing is perfect —  Trump is in a euphoric, expansive, trusting mood and the psychological pump has been primed.  All Putin has to do is send a couple of the best teenage Russian hookers to Donnie’s room,  roll tape,  and let the games/kompromat begin.

Personally,  I don’t ever want to see those tapes.  Hell, I can barely stand to watch to him speak on TV.  The last thing I want to see is him speaking NAKED on TV!

And in the end,  what does it matter if there are tapes?  Are they going to change anything at this point?  As I’ve said before, his most ardent supporters would probably CHEER him pissing on the Obamas’ bed. And as we know,  statutory rape is not a deal-breaker for Republicans.

But I’d bet every penny I own that those tape are real and live deep inside a secure vault in Putin’s palace.


Update Nov 10, 2017:   Posted by  Seth Abramson the day after I wrote/posted this piece   https://twitter.com/SethAbramson/status/929021618961215488

And another update from Seth:

BREAKING: As I previously reported, Paul Wood (Chief BBC Russia Correspondent) has written of *multiple* witnesses at the Ritz Moscow who saw those women *with* Trump as he tried to get them up to his room *without* having them sign in. So the offer made to Trump was *accepted*.


Eyes of Steele

The Clinton camp and DNC funded what became the Trump-Russia dossier: Here’s what it means


It means NOTHING.  It’s only a big deal if you’re trying to find ways to defend Trump’s treason,  or sell newspapers, or fill up a 24/7 news cycle…

It’s classic oppo research, initiated by a supporter of JEB!’s  during the primary.  Once Trump had eliminated his rivals,  there was no reason for his team  to pay for that info anymore But what Steele has was quite damning already, so he offered to continue what he’d  started for HRC’s campaign.

The most important thing they are not talking about is how Christopher Steele CONTINUED to research and compile the dossier even after HRC’s campaign no longer availed themselves of his services, because what he found was so shocking, so disturbing (even to a Brit), so potentially dangerous to Western democracy, that he felt it important enough to continue working on it on his own time and at his own expense.

Just because it was partially funded by HRC does not, in any way, make it less accurate. Furthermore, it’s not as if Mueller is taking the dossier at face value. He’s using it as jumping off point, a compass to point him in the right direction. But he is gathering his own info, proving the allegations therein.

Let’s say a person whom you dislike tells you that your spouse is cheating on you. They tell you they have seen them going to a motel every week at the same time with the same person.They provide enough details that it rings true. You recognize that this person would love nothing more than to foment trouble in your marriage. You don’t like what they are alleging but still, do you ignore it? Or do you go to that motel and check for yourself?

What if someone you don’t care for tells you that your financial manager is embezzling funds?  Do you not investigate further just because said person has it in for the financial manager and wants to see him fired/imprisoned?  Do you not even consider the possibility that they are telling the truth?

If a person you dislike/hate/despise speaks the truth, does that make it any less truthful? Just because you don’t want it to be true, does that make it a lie?

I guess if you’re Trump or one of his supporters you might think so. But to most people with any concept of logic, the answer is NO.

The consequences of ignoring the truth, regardless of how we hear of it,  can be (and  in this case, will be) dire.

Cold, Cold Assets


Congress is close to powerless in compelling the Trump administration to implement sanctions that it already forced him to sign into law. —  The Daily Beast


Look.  I think we all KNOW why. But here’s why it’s important…once again…  (because this is THE story and everything else revolves around it.)
Putin’s Siberian oil fields are worth TRILLIONS of dollars. If only he could get the oil out, he’d be the richest man on the planet (if he’s not already). But he cannot extract that oil with sanctions in place. He needs the equipment and technology only Exxon possesses. And they are not allowed to do business in Russia because of the sanctions.  (i.e. The Magnitsky Act)
Given the potential upside for Putin, it’s not surprising he’s playing dirty and mean. He wants that fucking oil!  But not for the money itself.  On no no!  He has bigger plans.
IMHO, Putin is the greatest threat to world peace. Trump and Kim Jung Un are crazy and bring chaos, but it will be Putin who takes advantage of that chaos, and seizes the spoils. He is patient, if nothing else. He weaves his web and waits. He is also ruthless and clever. He is far, far, FAR more clever than Trump, who only thinks he’s in Putin’s league.
Trump has always been and will always be Putin’s “useful idiot.” Until he is no longer useful.

By the way,  I do not believe that Putin is blackmailing Trump. I believe he’s bribing him. I think he’s promised him a share of the proceeds. My bet is that some piece of that 19% share of Rosneft that was sold off and which has mysteriously disappeared is now sitting in escrow for Trump in a secret bank account, ready to be transferred into his name once he gets the sanctions lifted.

Trump is salivating over all that money.  He will do anything to get it.  But, unlike Putin, he wants the money for its own sake.  This is how Trump measures his self-worth. Which is why he lies about how much he’s actually worth all the time.   It’s also what makes him so easy to manipulate.  He doesn’t care if he betrays his country…as long as he’s the richest guy in it.

Here’s something to keep you up at night:   if Putin can buy an American president with his current resources, imagine what he could buy with the income from those oil fields. No country would be safe from him. He could literally rule the world without having to fire a shot (which is just as well since his army is useless.)

Something is happening here, but you don’t know what it is…do you, Mr. Jones?

A friend posted this today on Facebook.  I think it’s an interesting theory but I don’t know the author personally.  I don’t know if she’s a journalist or just a political junkie like me. I don’t even know if she know if she wrote this herself or if she was merely sharing it.  Normally, I don’t share specious  (or potentially specious)  stories because I don’t want to perpetrate the insanity of fake news and crackpot partisan theories.   But there’s something about this that rings true.

It’s also true that these days,  more than a few of us normally normal folk, have veered off a little into foil hat territory.  Thus,  for all our sakes,  we should try to remain skeptical of stories that are not backed up by solid investigative journalism. So please bear this all in mind when reading.

Her facts are, for the most part, correct. What I don’t see,  however, is the the necessary logical connection between the factual exposition of her argument and her conclusion.

Her argument turns on this: “there is zero chance that the United States would have been running its own military op inside Niger while Russia was moving in to set up shop.”
Says who? Sure, that SEEMS logical, but she postulates that as a given when she has provided no citing.  This is not info I have read or heard elsewhere so I am curious to know, how does she know this? Was/is she with the State Department or the DoD, and privy to the intimate knowledge of such protocol?  Or did she just pull it out of her ass? (Inquiring minds, y’all.)
Since the argument hinges on this very point, I need that point clarified before throwing my hat in the ring.  And until it is, I’ll be pulling back on the reins of my credulity  (to complete the whole rodeo metaphor.)
Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying she isn’t right. Lordy knows, with Trump it’s always Russia, Russia, Russia.   It’s not a completely ridiculous assumption to think that Vladdy has his power-hungry fingers all over this story, just like he has them on everything else.

Still,  I’ma gonna need a few dots connected before I jump on this particular bandwagon.

But I shall be keeping an eye on this story.  I think there’s more to it than what Rachel Maddow has so far discovered and talked about on her show, 10/19/17.   I don’t think Trump would be avoiding the issue if it was merely a normal clusterfuck.  Let’s  face it, the  man is a human clusterfuck.  He is a clusterfuck pitching machine.  He is the GOD of clusterfucks.   Point being, he’s used to them.  If it was only as Rachel said —  that Chad, in retaliation for being put on Trump’s latest “Muslim ban” list, pulled their effective, battle ready troops out of  Niger, leaving a huge security gap —  then Trump could have easily covered it up with some bullshit story.   But he didn’t.  He avoided it completely ,  then redirected the conversation.

Trump may be a liar, but he’s a TERRIBLE liar.   Even he doesn’t remember his own lies, and changes his story from minute to minute.  By now,  anyone who believes that what he’s saying is in any way truth, is a fool.  And because he always accuses others of his own sins,  we can easily see his sins.

So let’s wait and see what he says. He’s sure to give it away soon.

Re-posted from Shelly Duarte:
The real reason Trump wouldn’t acknowledge U.S. soldiers killed in Niger: it was a Russian military op
Trump has spent the past two weeks doing his best to avoid addressing the four U.S. soldiers who died in Niger on October 4th.
The headlines up to now have focused on Trump’s unwillingness to call the families of those soldiers or even publicly acknowledge their deaths.
The real scandal, as it turns out, is why he’s been dodging it:
He’s afraid to call any attention to the U.S. military action in Niger, because it was actually a Russian military op.
Follow the timeline:
On August 10th, the governments of Niger and Russia signed a military cooperation deal. (*)
The press release from Russian news agency TASS described it as being a vaguely defined anti-terrorism partnership, but in real world terms, the deal was almost certainly about the exploding oil production in Niger.
It’s roughly the same kind of arrangement which Russia has long had with the Syrian government:
Russia provides military protection in order to help keep the current regime in power, and in return, the regime sells cheap oil back to Russia.
Just seven weeks after the deal was signed, as Russia was moving in to set up shop in Niger, four U.S. soldiers were suddenly killed there.
Even setting aside Trump’s personal allegiance to Russian President Vladimir Putin, from a purely tactical standpoint, there is zero chance that the United States would have been running its own military op inside Niger while Russia was moving in to set up shop.
The only logically possible explanation is that the U.S. secretly sent troops to help the Russian military with its efforts in Niger.
In other words, those four U.S. soldiers were participating in some kind of Russian military op, and it only became public once they died.
Rachel Maddow reported on-air last night that Trump nixed a prepared statement mourning the loss of the four U.S. soldiers.
We also know that Trump didn’t call the families of those four soldiers until the media called him out on it.
It’s become clear that Trump and his regime really didn’t want the public or the media to focus on the military op in Niger, which we know had to have been a Russian op.
Hence he refused to even mention it or make any calls.
Trump got four U.S. soldiers killed by lending out the U.S. military to Vladimir Putin, and now he’s desperate to keep the details from coming out.
We all know why.
(*) http://www.fort-russ.com/2017/08/russia-and-niger-sign-agreement-on.html